Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Anyone interested????

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything and I am hoping to get some response back on this one, and there just may not be to many lookers:(

Anyway I am just wondering if anyone (or how many) would be interested in a wii bowling league. Before you just say HECK YA please consider that it would be a comitment. I am hoping to have teams of 2 and do it on Friday night for date night maybe like once a month and go for about a year. To start it off I was thinking about a kick off dinner one night and bowl for our average. Then on our bowling night two teams (couples) would get together and have a night of bowling and fun.

If anyone has suggestions or tips on how to do this I would also love to hear those.

Look forward to your comments:)

Disclaimer: A wii or wii remotes are not required to play but may be fun to bowl with your own remote and mii.


Alyssa said...

holy crap! that sound fun! I rock at wii bowling. But.... greg works on the weekends. SUCK!!

Jana said...

That sounds super fun, I would so love that!!! :) Count us in!! I have only played one game two years ago, but heck I could learn right? LOL

Jamie said...

Of course we would love to play! We love to bowl on the wii!!

The Griffin Crew said...

Bowling is our middle name although have not tried it on the wii we would love to be in but would love more details:)

Jamie said...

Hey, just an idea. What if people had by a certain date each month to report their scores. That way they could get together anytime before then, whenever works for them. It might help so people aren't worried about doing it the same day. Just an idea

Emily said...

Brad & I would love to join... although we don't own a wii, will that be a problem?