Friday, November 21, 2008

My Final 3!

I used to be able to talk about this at work, but now that I am home with my 2 boys they are not very interested:) I am a huge survivor fan, and if you missed last night it was a GOOD one. As like every season it is hard to stay true at the first of the game, because you don't really care what happens, but now we are to the point in the game where you have your favorites and it is fun to watch the game go!!! Sugar and Bob made a move together last night (the greatest move ever at least the most entertaining move ever) and I never would have thought they would play the game together. Anyway here are my top three in order of how I would like them to win the million: Bob, Matty, and Sugar.

Just watching the show I do think it could be a possibility that it could end up this way, but watching the extras has made me a little unsure. All I know is that if it does end up this way I will be watching next season for sure!!!


Jamie said...

I haven't watched that show forever! I'm rootin for Matty, I think! No particular reason! :)

Amanda said...

Hey Amber! It's cousin Amanda. I found your blog through Erin's. :)Reading about your daily adventures brought a big smile on my face. Let's keep in touch!. My blog is

Annie said...

Amber.... I have no idea what's going on but I am rooting for the second guy! wahooo! holla:).........he looks really um, smart?!