Thursday, October 23, 2008

I + this time of year!

Ok Ok to everyone who loves me and wants to know what we have been up to!!!! I finally will create blog post #2. First things first just incase anyone cares I did take care of my citation on day 10 (the last day that I could). I love this time of year you can go play outside in crapy weather and the kids + it. But if you don't want to be outside you can work with the harvist inside. This year I went from doing no bottling to 36 quarts of peaches, 96 pints of salsa, and 55 quarts of grape juice. Needless to say we will be enjoying the harvest all through the year!

Anyway back to the kids playing outside in the crapy weather and loving it we (me and the boys)
went to Black Island Farms with Laurie and the girls. It was so great they have play grounds made out of huge hay bells and this big black tub slide that they sent the kids down in onion bags:) Of coarse Normy had to be the first one to take a ride down the slide, but after he did it and survived Parker tried it and loved it too.Of coarse Normy had to be the first one to take a ride down the slide, but after he did it and survived Parker tried it and loved it too.

That is Normy's full on natural reaction to the fun and of coarse I had to get Parker to pretend he just came down the slide. After that super fun slide we went on this thing they called the cow train .

Then we took a tractor ride to the pumkin patch to
pick out any pumpkin you would like.
If you can't tell it was really cold but I didn't hear one word about it!!!
For anyone that is interested and made it this far in the blog I am putting a Terry's Village Order together and would love anyone to perticipate that would like too. You can go to and with this order pay 30% less then the price you see. I need to know what you want by November 3, or I will not have time to place the order and get the deal!


Britney said...

You are my canning hero! Wow, so jealous. I didn't do a dang thing this year, lame.
And the farm looks like so much fun...where is it?

Annie said...

YOU BLOGGED!!! Holla! Super fun pictures. I will check out Terry's Village right now!

Jana Eddington said...

Hey, how fun that looks! Adam and Blake are that same way, if Blake can do it then Adam if I'm lucky will go next! Funny boys! :)

Jessie said...

YAY! I was so excited to see a new post! That looks like lots of fun! Oh and no problem... I will help ypu with the tag:)

Jamie said...

That looks like so much fun. I love the weather too. I wish it would just stay this way and not get any colder. I hate to be cold! You'e blog is sooo cute!

Monica said...

We hadn't heard from you in so long that I thought you had gotten carried off to jail! It's all those outstanding tickets you have on your record! Looks like the kids were loving it, what a fun day!